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Work and Career Issues

The workplace is where you find tight deadlines, conflict, and a lot of workloads. 

Furthermore, health and economic turbulence create a recipe for disaster, resulting in employee burnout leading to absenteeism and a negative turnover. 

For this reason, if you have a business, it helps to have an effective employee assistance program like work and career counseling in Tucson. But how does it work, and will it benefit your company?

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“Where I work Marriage Counseling of Tucson has a work and career program for employees to come and discuss their concerns in private when anything arises at work. I had a lot of conflict with one of my co-workers and they helped both of us to resolve our issues."

- Hannes Hughes (Tucson)

How Does Work and Career Counseling Work?

When you look at work counseling, it is a form of therapy presented to a company. The goal is to provide employees a safe environment to discuss their problems. Depending on the situation, these sessions can be individual, through our digital platform, or presented in group sessions.

Our therapists provide a problem-solving service to guide employees to cope in the workplace healthily. Some standard programs are as follows:

  • Addressing issues at work that worsen the work performance
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  • Addressing non-work issues that spill over to work resulting from financial problems, relationship concerns, and health issues
  • It helps positively impact employees' behavior to help them grow professionally.

Benefits of Work and Career Counseling in Tucson

Work and career counseling helps alleviate psychological problems, prevent absences from an illness, and helps improve work morale. Furthermore, it also helps with the following:

  • It helps reduce long-term costs as there is less absence due to stress-related problems. Hence, it improves healthcare costs and turnover rates. In addition, our counselors have the training to equip workers with healthy stress management strategies.
  • Work and career counseling improve productivity as employees have a safe place to untangle their workplace issues.
  • In turn, it creates a safety net at the workplace to prevent employee crises.
  • Most importantly, work and career counseling in Tucson can help destigmatize mental health by creating a culture where people know they can seek help.

Another important thing is that you create a reputation for being an employer that cares about their staff. Finally, you will reap the rewards as your employee's performance will improve as absenteeism lessens.

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We Are Here to Help!

Whether you are an organizational leader or an employee needing help with work and career counseling. Marriage Counseling of Tucson can provide a wellness program for you or a business to help resolve issues in the workplace. Complete the online form or call us to book an appointment to discuss your work and career needs today!