Infidelity Counseling Tulsa

Infidelity Counseling

At Marriage Counseling of Tulsa, we offer infidelity counseling. But unfortunately, an affair happens in any relationship, leaving both partners with different emotions and betrayed with despair. 

Still, infidelity is a symptom, and we can help Tulsa couples in a safe and comfortable environment to face their problems and help rebuild the relationship after an affair.

Sometimes the relationship even becomes stronger.

Infidelity Counseling In Vegas

“Debbie cheated on me even if we were not married it made me angry and feel sad. I could not trust her again but she admitted it to me and said that she was sorry. She was the one that advised we go for infidelity counseling to give our relationship another chance to survive."

- Dennis Clark(Tulsa)

 The Benefits of Affair Counseling 

No relationship is immune to infidelity. But unfortunately, breaking a solid union apart can happen for different reasons with an affair.

Still, infidelity affects people in similar ways. For example, some people experience PTSD as their emotions fluctuate.

There is also insecurity and questions about why this happened and how it could happen. Then you have, "Was it my fault it happened?"

Thus there are feelings of guilt, anger, insecurity, resentment, and sadness.

Furthermore, the guilty and innocent label is always there to stick around on the surface, making rebuilding a relationship complicated.

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Yet, it takes two people to make a marriage work, but both partners are guided through only the hurt. It is difficult hurts, but once infidelity counseling, therapists identify these hurts.

They will lead you and your partner through post-traumatic growth.

How Marriage Counseling of Tulsa Can Help 

We have worked with many couples in Tulsa with this underlying problem. We have a comfortable environment where you can suspend your emotions to reactions to get down to the cause of the affair.

Yes, it will hurt as both partners must deal with their pasts and pasts as a couple. In addition, each one has emotions to deal with, and it needs therapeutic assistance from one of our therapists.

Marriage Counseling of Tulsa specializes in couple-to-family therapy. With our support, your marriage is worth saving and will provide you with the needed skills to work toward recovery.

We have worked with many couples that resolved their relationship after an affair. For this reason, it is essential to come to infidelity counseling after an affair.

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Rebuild Trust in Your Relationship Again

Once you complete your infidelity counseling, you can find yourself trusting again. You can open up to one another again and enjoy life with your partner.

Not only will you have the benefit of years remaining committed to each other, but you will also gain the strength to work through other deep concerns.

Many of our previous patients have said that our affair therapy has enabled them to find one another again and give their marriage another try.

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